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What requirements should the universal couplings meet in heat treatment?

Time of publication:2016-07-14 22:53:26

manufacturers tell you universal coupling in heat treatment should meet the requirements of what?:

1, the coupling can be forged after heat treatment, in this heat treatment, it should be preheated, so that it can improve the organization, but also to increase machinability.

In 2, the performance of heat treatment, processing must be in accordance with the need to put the drawings provided for processing, but also for the quenching and tempering process, cutting in the cutting surface is greater than five mm when needed in addition to stress.

3, in addition to stress treatment, the processing temperature should be about thirty degrees lower than the temperature during tempering, and after the completion of stress treatment, mechanical performance test.

Each kind of heat treatment method is not random, and needs to be strictly according to the request to carry on, then can achieve the desired processing effect.