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Iran International Industry Exhibition

Time of publication:2016-07-15 9:38:44

Iran international industry exhibition, in recent years, with foreign customers rolling equipment, cardan shaft customized export share increased, we have received more and more overseas orders. It is not difficult to see that this is the customer's confidence in our products, but also the "Sitong Machinery" staff incentives.

In recent years, with the Middle East Gulf countries, oil drilling rigs, cardan shaft and steel rolling equipment cardan shaft customization, adhere to the "rigorous, meticulous, intelligent manufacturing quality" Sitong machineryl, and recently had new ideas. The company decided to be held in Iran at the beginning of the October Tehran international industrial exhibition, the cardan shaft us through this platform to show Iran to the wider Middle East market; Iran's pillar industry is oil, iron and steel industry also showed a rising trend, so the oil rig cardan shaft and rolling shaft in Iran in the future has very good market prospects.

At the same time to follow the new ideas proposed by the state "The Belt and Road construction, continue to promote the multi-directional cooperation Chinese enterprise and industry of Iran, to promote economic and trade cooperation in iraq.

In June 24th, there will be more than three months to prepare for the exhibition in Iran. Members of the company are in full swing to discuss the Iran exhibition program, including the selection of exhibition products, site layout planning, internal personnel training and so on. We are sincere to show our strength in front of our competitors and communicate with foreign friends at zero distance.

Mentioned in the discussion of Iran booth design, technical personnel have made a corresponding booth and showcase space program, using a limited space layout, complete program.