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Combined immersion training

Time of publication:2016-07-15 9:38:45

Sitong focus on foreign trade, the vision was put on the Ali international platform, we signed up for the 37 phase of the new combination of immersion education, immersion training.

The first day when we arrived at the headquarters, we decided to learn the Ali platform and study the platform thoroughly.

The first day of study taught us how to look at Ali platform, with different thinking platform, vision far away, no longer rigidly adhere to the present. A few days after the study is carried out by the platform itself, the teacher in different ways and dimensions to teach our platform management, skills, to increase the effectiveness of effective inquiry.

After school life, we made many friends, including our team mentor, we communicate with each other, foreign trade skills and difficulties, help each other to solve the problem. So as to make the team more closely, and usually study with half the effort.

After studying for 6 days, the graduation party was held. At the party, everyone came up with a little program for them to share with you. At the same time, the mood of letting up gradually welled up.

The world is full of feasts, and I wish you all the best in the way of foreign trade.