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How to select the proper cardan shaft?

Time of publication:2016-07-15 9:38:40

The selection of cardan shaft is very important for us, because if there is no choice, it will affect the use of cardan shaft, so it needs to be treated seriously. So today, take advantage of this opportunity, we come to introduce this knowledge, and I hope to help you.

The cardan shaft should be considered when making a choice:

(1) torque size, nature, and damping requirements, if the requirement is high-power heavy-duty transmission, then you can choose teeth coupling.

(2) the magnitude of the rotation speed of the cardan shaft and the magnitude of the centrifugal force caused by it. If it is a high speed drive shaft, then choose a high accuracy coupling, but do not choose the slider coupling.

(3) the magnitude and direction of the relative displacement between the two shafts of the cardan shaft. Flexible couplings shall be selected if the installation is adjusted and relatively large displacement will occur during operation.

(4) how safe and reliable is the work of the cardan shaft and how the working environment is?. Generally speaking, if the coupling does not need lubrication, then it is more reliable; if it needs lubrication, then its performance will be affected by lubrication conditions, and there may be other problems.