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What assembly requirements are there for the cardan shaft coupling?

Time of publication:2016-07-15 9:38:40

1. both ends of the universal coupling can be used as active or driven in principle. The installation should comply with the design requirements of the transmission system, and should try to make the spline pair away from the vibration source or shock source.

2. for the telescopic belt spline universal coupling, the installation should check the spline shaft and spline sleeve, whether the arrow mark is right, in order to ensure that the ends of the fork bearing hole axis of the phase difference is not more than 1 degrees.

3. before installation, clean the grease and dry the flange surface. The flange connection bolt must use torque wrench. According to the predetermined tightening torque, the mechanical performance grades of bolts and nuts are 10.9 and 10 respectively.

4. before fastening bolts, the thread must be cleaned with a cleaning agent, and coated with a little 242 glue, fastening in staggered mode (but not using a low hardness gasket).

5., the installation of universal coupling, with load running a class, should check whether the flange connection bolts loose, and according to the predetermined tightening torque again tightened, so repeat several classes, until the bolt is no longer loose.

6., should avoid universal coupling long-term overload use and operation accident, otherwise it will reduce service life.

7. universal coupling lubrication should be sufficient, and its bearings part of the operation, the beginning of each week should be added grease once, after work is normal, quarterly lubrication once added, and the spline vice is added grease every half a year. When the grease is filled, apply the new grease from the butyl oil seal until the new grease overflows.