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Diaphragm type coupling

Time of publication:2017-04-08 11:36:44

The diaphragm couplings are somewhat like bellows couplings. In fact, the couplings transmit torque almost the same way. The diaphragm itself is thin, so it is easy to bend when the relative displacement load is generated, so it can bear a deviation of up to 1.5 degrees and produce a lower bearing load in the servo system. Diaphragm couplings are commonly used in servo systems. The diaphragm has good torque rigidity, but it is slightly inferior to bellows couplings. Diaphragm couplings, on the other hand, are very delicate and can be easily damaged if they are misused in use or not properly installed. Diaphragm coupling fast, easy, excellent included, so to ensure that the deviation in the normal operation of the coupling within the endurance range is very necessary. Choosing the suitable couplings is the key step of using the shaft coupling. At the design stage, what kind of coupling should be considered.

Compared with the teeth coupling, the diaphragm coupling does not have relative sliding, does not need lubrication, sealing, no noise, basically does not need maintenance, and is easy to manufacture, and can partly replace the tooth type coupling. Application of diaphragm coupling industrial developed countries in the world have been very common in China has been making machinery industry standard, the revised new industry standard: JB/T9147-1999 (instead of ZB/TJ19022-90) the relationship between the coupling torque.