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Coupling dimensions, installation and maintenance

Time of publication:2017-04-08 11:36:44

The dimension of the coupling, i. e. the maximum radial and axial dimensions, must be within the allowable installation space of the equipment. The utility model has the advantages of convenient assembly and disassembly, no maintenance, long maintenance period, convenient maintenance, replacement of wearing parts, no movement of two shafts and easy adjustment of centering.

It is difficult to adjust the two shafts to the middle of the large machine equipment. It is necessary to use the couplings which are durable and replace the wearing parts. Flexible couplings of metal elastic elements generally have longer service life than flexible couplings with non-metallic elastic components. Sealed lubrication and the use of non durable couplings will inevitably increase maintenance effort. For the long-term continuous operation and high economic benefit of the occasion, such as the drive system of the rolling mill in China's metallurgical enterprises Gao Zengduan, is now widely used by gear coupling, gear coupling, although theoretically transfer torque, but must be in good lubrication and seal conditions can be durable, and the need to always check the seal condition. Injection of lubricating oil, maintenance workload, increase the working hours, reducing the effective working time, affect the production efficiency.