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Safe use of coupling

Time of publication:2017-04-08 11:36:45

Coupling is the middle connecting component of each moving mechanism. It has a direct influence on the normal operation of each moving mechanism, so it must be paid attention to when using:

Coupling does not allow more than the axis axis deflection and radial displacement, so as not to affect the transmission performance.

Bolt of coupling shall not be loosened or damaged.

Gear coupling and cross slide coupling should be lubricated regularly, usually 2~3 months plus grease once, so as to avoid severe wear of teeth, resulting in serious consequences.

The tooth width and contact length of the gear coupling shall not be less than 70%, and the axial thrust of the gear shall not exceed 5mm.

The coupling does not allow the existence of cracks, such as cracks need to be replaced (small hammer can be used, according to sound judgments).

The coupling of the key, Ling should cooperate closely, not loose.

The gear tooth thickness wear coupling, the hoisting mechanism is more than the original tooth thickness of 15%, more than 25% operating agencies should be scrapped, broken teeth should also be scrapped.

Elastic ring and pin coupling, ring gear coupling, if damaged, should pay attention to the timely replacement of aging.