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SWCZ Heavy Type

SWCZ750-3500 cardan shaft

Product classification:SWCZ Heavy Type

Model: SWCZ750-3500 Total Length : 3500 mm Flange Diameter : 720 mm Norminal Torque : 2250 kn.m

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SWC  Cardan Shaft / Propeller Shaft / Drive Shaft / Universal Joint Shaft / Transmission Shaft / Universal Joint Coupling / Universal Coupling

Product Description:

Cardan shaft is a shaft that can help to transmission power. Usually used in Paper Machines,General Machines, Pumps, Test Machines, Down Coiler, Marine Drives, Rolling Mills, Crane, Straightening Machines, Tube Piercer, Plate mill R1 & R2 , Crushers, Wind mill test machine, Bar mill, H Beam , Locomotives and every kinds of industry machinery.

Product Model   


Total Length

3500 mm

Flange Diameter

750 mm

Norminal Torque

2250 kn.m


Standard Cardan Shaft

Please consult us for customization regarding length, length compensation and Flange connections.

For Example :

SWC - I - A - 590
SWC - the Type of Cardan Shaft
I - Flange diameter (mm )
A - Product Structure type
590 - Minimum length ( mm )

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