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China Cardan Shaft and Drive Shaft Manufacturer - Jiangsu Sitong

Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co., Ltd is a professional cardan shaft manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Cardan Shaft., we providing customized cardan drive shaft, Universal joint shaft, Drum gear coupling with high quality and reasonable price.
We are now mainly engaged in manufacturing all kinds of Cardan Shafts, Curved Tooth Couplings and Drum Gear Couplings, they are widely used in Rolling mill, Paper-making machinery, Machine plant, Machine repair plant, Pump machine, Crane system, Textile machine, Power station equipment, Heavy-loaded plants of general machinery construction, Mining machinery, Rubber machinery, General machinery construction plants, Cement industry, Truck, Forklift, Automobile machinery, Metallurgy machinery, Petroleum machinery and other industry machinery.
Our used name is Joint Venture Jiangsu Yushan Universal Transmission Axis Manufacturing Co.,Ltd before 2010. After so many years of effort, our drive shafts passed ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system certification before 2008, and we have established long-term cooperation relationship with many domestic large-scale crane factories and steel factories. Our cardan shaft products have been widely used in Bao Steel Group Cooperation, China First Heavy Industries, Saoguan Hydro Power Station, Anshan Iron&Steel Corporation, Capital Steel&Iron Corporation, etc.. Our cardan shafts are highly commended by customers for their properties and quality.
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Jiangsu Sitong Cardan Shaft Co.,LTD
Tel : +86-523-84549777
Phone : +86-18651162958
E-mail : lynn@cardanshaft.com.cn
Whatsapp : +86-18651162958
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