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Germany Cardan Shaft
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Germany Cardan Shaft


Type: Germany Cardan Shaft
Origin: Germany
Shape: Hollow Axis
Material: Composite Materials


Characteristically compact, these high-performance Germany cardan shafts ensure maximum torque transmission capabilities, greatly improved service life and facilitate assembly and maintenance operations. They are used in crane systems, materials handling as well as in railway and marine applications.

This Germany cardan shaft range is a natural evolution of existing product innovations with new features and benefits to offer significant advantages to customers in the various industries.

The Germany cardan shafts have a variety of types including cross shaft shape, ball cage shape, ball fork shape, convex block shape, and ball pin shape. In practical application, it can be classified into heavy, medium, light and small types according to the transmission torque. The common characteristic of these cardan shafts is the large angular compensation.


1. Universal joint of different structural types has different angles, usually between 5° and 45°.
2. Universal coupling has compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
3. In the high efficiency overload transmission, some shaft couplings have the functions of buffering, vibration reduction and enhancing shaft dynamic performance.

Sitong cardan shaft is Wide range of applications and variety. including industrial cardan shaft, Medium heavy Cardan shaft, Universal Joint Shaft, Propeller Shaft, Flange Cardan Shaft, Curved teeth coupling, Drum gear coupling, Cardan drive shaft etc.

Production Process of Germany Cardan shaft is as follows:

1. Raw material selection

2. Rough machining

3. Heat treatment

4. Precision work

5. Assemblage

6. Dynamic balancing testing

7. Painting

8. Inspect and package

9. Shipping

Production Process of Germany Cardan shaft

1. Send regular emails to customers to remind them to maintain(add oil for chromium-plated rod industrial propeller shaft).

2. 24-hour round-the-clock for customers to provide technical support, product use one day, service one day, solve the user worries.

3. Set up high quality service team, set up product files, so that users can inquire and visit regularly.


Production Process of Germany Cardan shaft

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